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RTA is an alternative platform for off-site exhibitions. Founded in Sydney (AUS) in 2021, the project has since relocated to London (UK). 


 Sanskrit ऋत: /ɹ̩tam/;

- In Vedic religion, Ṛta refers to the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it.[1][note 1] It is the last surviving word in any

Indo-European language to preserve the etymological root definition of art. 


UK: /ˌɑː.tiːˈeɪ/  US: /ˌɑːr.tiːˈeɪ/

abbreviation for

-Road Traffic Accident: Used especially by police forces, medical staff, insurance companies, etc.

-Real Time Attack: A genre of video game speed-run.

-Returned to Australia: Officially used by the Australian Defence Force in reference to demobilised troops.

-Ready to Assemble: A term for flat-packed furniture requiring DIY construction. 

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